Sarah & Squirrel


My name is Sarah, I am a loved up wife to my wonderful husband, and I am mama to Squirrel who was born March 2013.

This blog is the shared accounts of our playful learning and happy days together, encouraging confidence, creativity, early development and brilliant life skills.
We hoped our semi structured brain nurturing play days would be the start of our home education journey, but we have made the decision to apply to our city Steiner school and compliment his education at home with plenty of everything he needs, and certainly will be filling up his brain and happy tank until then! This choice was made following the acceptance between my husband and I that my long term health condition is creating more debilitation than we expected, and we feel that in years to come, i would not be able to consistently and confidently lead him and provide for him at home. We decided that now, taking responsibility for his education means finding another alternative that matches our personal perspective and hopes.


We live in Devon, England, which is beautiful and we are spoiled for inspiring environments to raise Squirrel in. Life is a bumpy ol’ road, but we are trying to do our best to step it well.

Some key things for you.
* I am a devoted christian.
* I am a shameless Harry Potter fan on a biiig scale. (Walls covered in wands and memorabilia, tattoos, we cut our wedding cake with the sword of Gryffindor, the whole shebang.)
* I have M.E. I lead a pain managed and energy managed life style to maintain control of symptoms and effects. It is extraordinarily hard, but great friends and family enable me to lead a wonderful and fulfilling life within my restrictions and limits.
* We are big animal lovers ( we celebrated our wedding reception in a zoo!)
* I am an illustrator by hobby, and am severely protective over my Promarkers.
* I am a retired cake artist. I did pretty well and gained a good name for myself in the field, i even placed Gold at Cake International 2012. It was a constant struggle to maintain the business within my illness-dictated boundaries, and decided that Squirrel was to become my focus entirely. I do not miss it, at all.
* We are a Disney family! We went to Disney World for our honeymoon, and came back pregnant with Squirrel- i am entirely certain that that explains a lot about our son!

2 thoughts on “Sarah & Squirrel

  1. Hi Sarah and squirrel
    Found you guys by accident last week and am loving your posts!!!
    Can’t wait to see your next theme……
    My own son is 21 but I vividly remember all the exciting activities we did together
    You are providing a wonderful environment for squirrels learning , oh and lots of fun
    For the past 13 years I’ve worked in a preschool nursery in a disadvantaged area – our children are 3-4 year olds
    I love it so much – lots of challenges but lots of amazing opportunities for learning
    Always looking out for new ideas
    All the best with your health and homeschooling the wee man

    • That is wonderful to hear, thank you Sharon!
      We have been blessed with glorious perspective in our journey in parenthood so far, and hope it leads us in education too.
      I hope i can continue to provide you ideas to use with your sweet kiddies!

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