Finger Print Charm Gift Craft


Winter is almost upon us and Christmas is very much around the corner, shops are filling up with festive stock, we’ve booked to see Santa and as far as I’m concerned, I’m getting into the swing of things.


A lot of our activities over the next 6 weeks are gift crafts, as I would love for Squirrel to have something personal to hand over to his nearest and dearest.
The first in this line up, is this sweet craft i originally found on Pinterest (without an origin), and have adapted.


These little charms are sweet little souvenirs of his 2nd year with us as he creeps towards his 2nd birthday in March, and a little treasure i know some of the family will appreciate and keep.

For this activity we used:
Fimo (or other polymer clay, you could use Sculpy, but i think the original idea used salt dough.)
Decopatch child friendly glue-varnish (Modpodge or other alternatives all super too.)
Colourful card.
A luggage tag paper punch (I use this one!)
A Standard hole punch.
Lengths of ribbon.
Felt tip pens.


I started by working the clay; a great tip, pour hot water into a mug, make a little foil hammock that doesn’t touch the water and let it warm up there rather than kill your hands manipulating it warm. By the time its been there a few minutes it should be a little easier to work. Don’t warm it in the oven or microwave, you’ll start baking it and you can say goodbye to the idea of using it.


I worked them into chunky tear drops and sat Squirrel up in his highchair. I gave him a piece to play with to get the ‘yay-new-thing’ wiggles out and we popped on some Christmas music. We had a good practice.


I then showed him how to press his finger to it and we played at counting as i helped hold his finger in it for a short while. Many giggles had with turning our “threee”s into “wheeee”s!


We lined them up on a foil tray and got them baking, low and for a short time is all it takes. I then took a straw and pressed holes into each of them so I could thread them.


I struggled to find a way to dip these in the varnish in a way that I could let Squirrel take part. And by struggle, I mean, not cover my kitchen in thick varnish smoosh. And by that, I mean, I gave up after my kitchen got covered in thick varnish smoosh.

So I pulled out this doohicky tubey thing that I found at the Art Scrapstore and used cocktail sticks and basically, made it up as I went along. We left it over night to dry, then removed them from the sticks.


I picked out this cute pale blue card from my card stash and we punched out these shapes together ready to add to the charm and ribbons.


We got a pen out and I let him have at, adding a little signature, as such, to each tag. I added a little message to each one, indicating Squirrels age at the point of their creation. 20 months, FYI. Then punched holes in each one as well.


Tiddly guy and I had fun picking out ribbon from my *ahem* incredibly organised and beautiful ribbon tin. I know, i know. I fantasize about those ribbon rails in Pinterest craft rooms too, you know! 


We picked some sweet colour combinations.


We had some fun threading a couple together, then Squirrel had fun threading with the now cleared of varnishy charms and sticks, and bashing it with a glittery reindeer. Every day stuff.


I carried on threading and bowing while Squirrel ran around with ribbons, so cute!


We only made 8 this time, I may do more of these with him, as he did get a kick out of the process.


Squirrel seems very pleased with them! I’m looking forward to adding them to his little gift packs for Christmas! editIMG_3132

This post is part of Unit 3. Winter & Christmas.

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