Bubblewrap Corn Craft


Of all the vegetables we have introduced Squirrel to as an individual object worth exploring in this unit, the ears of corn have won his attention. We now have cries of “cooooorr!” when we ask what he would like for lunch, and yellow is his colour, now taking opportunities while out to point out anything “weh-woh”, but “weh-woh cooorr” is certainly a common call when we look back at what we have explored.


Today we took ourselves outside to the garden for a spot of painting!
I first spotted this activity idea on Pinterest in several different forms and really wanted to give it a shot.


For this activity we used:
Bubble wrap cut into large, elongated ovals.
Green card cut as leaves allowing space to stick the bubble wrap corn.
Yellow non toxic play paint.
A kids paintbrush.
A plastic tray.
Our small water table.

Squirrel was keen to get the paintbrush to work as soon as he saw me fishing our paints out.


We set up in the garden, listening to the birds tweet-tweeting and spotting butterflies and grasshoppers while dabbling around with the paint, enjoying the sensory experience of squishing it with his fingers over the bubbly surface.



It took a few breaks even in this short activity to go play and investigate other areas of the garden, but always returning to his painting ready for a full 30 seconds more focus!



Once we had covered both and finished our squishy squelchy play with the paint, we left them to dry, and later brought them in.



I assembled them ready for Squirrel so now we have some more harvest decorations for our Unit theme wall!
Yay! “Coooooorrr!”

This post is for Unit 2, Autumn & Harvest.

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