Leaf Crowns & Pumpkin Orbs Activity


We have loved collecting our leaves while out and about, and we’ve enjoyed some Busy Box ideas using them over and over, but we knew there would certainly be a craft lined up!

IMG_1178editFor this activity we used:
Some collected leaves of various colours, sizes and types.
Sparkly fabric or other cute trimmings chopped to small pieces.
Coloured card, halved and sellotaped together.
A small pumpkin.
PVA glue with spreader.


This is a straight forward activity really, but it is rich with experiences. Experimenting with spreading glue, sticking (and usually pulling off and resticking!), close contact with variations of a single type of object, and producing a final product!

It is these kinds of nice go to adaptable crafts that offer so much, and we love them.


After spreading his glue, with some superduper cross body gross motor actions for added awesome points, he went for the straight forward motion of just dumping them all on paper. Bosh.


Time to explore with some of the aforemented sticky-unsticky-resticky loop.


More sparkly bits. Very important for a crown, naturally.


Jolly lovely, time to leave it to dry and move onto the…


Pumpkin! Ooh fun! Well practiced now, and in a gluey sticky groove, he went at it over and over until he was content to leave it to dry with his crown.


IMG_1201editWhile I transferred the pumpkin and crown to a high shelf to dry, he started the terrific task of carrying handfuls of left over leave and sparkle bits across the kitchen to his plastic tools bucket, and sat for a while working diligently with them.


Right up until he jumped on me for a wrestlycuddle!

Eventually, we had a lovely, glittering pumpkin orb, hopefully one of many to form a nice collection later in the month, and a crown… that he doesn’t want to wear. So we are re-purposing it and will hopefully find something lovely to do with it later! In the mean time, I’ve found myself wearing it while washing up the dishes, so all is not lost.


This post is linked to Unit 2, Autumn & Harvest.

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