Unit 1. The Seaside & Rockpools – Round Up

Unit 1 Seaside and Rockpools Tot School Round Up

We have come to the end of Unit 1, The Seaside and Rockpools, and we have had a great time over this two week theme!
(Squirrel is 18 months old.)

Here is a round up of all of our activities, exercises and day trips within our unit theme, complete with links to those which have their own posts and guides.

We focused on the letter S, practicing S sounds and familiarising Squirrel with the letter itself.


We introduced the words and signs for ‘crab’, ‘beach’ and ‘boat’ among others.
Upon our second beach trip, Squirrel saw and instantly identified this crab outside a cafe on the seafront, excitedly signing and telling us “Cah-b! Cah-b!”


We enjoyed regularly stomping around the kitchen or clapping along in the car singing “I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”!


We enjoyed these wonderful books; Leo enjoyed pointing out, identifying and practising words for the objects within the theme he was learning, such as ball, crab, shell, wave and bucket.


We complimented our learning with working on a few minutes of Reading Bear. Currently we are on the first ‘short a’ series.

Beach Combing Adventures

We started with our trip to Goodrington Sands, where we beach combed and dipped in rockpools.

Birds, beach huts and boats

We later had a second beach trip, Budleigh Salterton; this time to a pebbled sea front rather than a rockpool-y sand beach.

We had several Busy Boxes (smaller, short activities to grab and repeat as often as we like).

We had a fish pattern for geo blocks downloaded from Prekinders.


We used shells and the letter S while playing with playdough.


I made a matching and logic puzzle using a free colouring page download on a mass database of them. I simply coloured both (in the relevant areas), laminated both, cut out the features of one and applied sticky backed velcro to the pieces. Leo grasped this well!


It just so happened that I found a box of 5 2 and 3 piece puzzles in a little gift box at a pound shop back in the spring and picked it up at the time! He understands the process of puzzles of this nature, but seems frustrated at the broken images, so perhaps a little more practice will help his understanding and work on his problem solving.


We had several great print outs for colouring from around the internet, the yield of a short evening of Googling.


I found this sweet beach hut print out from Twinkl. I printed them on small cards and we coloured them individual colours as a colour distinguishing exercise. (We also used the printable letter cards around our board display.)

We later took them down to Budleigh Seafront and played a short and distracted (dogs everywhere, and this kid is euphorically obsessed with them!) game of Beach Hut match!IMG_0549edit

Leo also loved coming down each morning and having me say out loud, the word for each animal or object surrounding our theme unit outline chalkboard, before running off and playing with “Og-og” (octopus) and “Ob-ah” (lobster).

Our bigger activities, those that took up greater time, were messy or otherwise more of a challenge.

Boat Building and FloatingBuilding and Floating Boats

Jellyfish Sensory & Fine Motor Craft Activity

Jellyfish Crafting

beachinabottlebannerBeach In A Bottle

back garden rockpooling banner

Garden Rockpooling and Seaweed Dipping

Washing and drying beach combing treasuresBeach Combed Treasure Washing

Paper Plate Crab Activity

Paper Plate Crabs Craft

Magic Water Play with Gellibaff

Magic Water Sensory Play with Gellibaff

We had a fantastic fortnight, and even wrapped it up with a little beach lunch of couscous, pesto, cucumber, orange pepper, raisins and cheese!


I hope our posts for this Unit have been useful to you, or you have enjoyed reading about our recent adventures!

This post is linked to 1+1+1=1 Tot School Gathering Place.

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