Seafront Walking On A Sunday

Birds, beach huts and boats

At the mid point of our 2 week unit for The Seaside and Rockpools we enjoyed a leisurely morning at Budleigh Salterton.

Due to some physical difficulties I was having on the day, we took it slowly and gently, trying to limit any pain increase in me. We had a lovely, if delicate day.


We walked along a short length of the estuary to the bird hide, and spotted a heron, several moorhens, a couple of interesting dipper type birds, a few egrits and a whole flock of canada geese, honking loudly, breaking their chevron formations and coming in to land in front of us.


This quiet beach is very different to the other that we recently visited. This one is pebbly, serene, adorned with beautiful little boats, dotted with occasional fishermen with lurking, seagull companions and hugged by cliffs on each side.

Squirrel loves seeing birds, and also loves dog spotting, so we spent a great portion of the visit stopping to say hello to assorted friendly dogs with kind understanding owners who appreciated the beaming grin on Squirrels face and the loud exuberant cries of “GOG!” complete with flailing, pointing hands.


We said hello and patted some lovely boats, talked a little about the boats we could see on the water, and helping connect the likeness of the boats on the water and the boats on the shore.


We had some happy, manic signing and words when we saw this chap on a sign. Such self gratification at recognising an image and recalling the word and the sign- bless!


We saw some bright beach huts, and having thought ahead regarding the potential opportunity, I had packed his beach hut colour cards, so we briefly did some beach hut colour matching, before getting thoroughly distracted by a couple of border collies.



We are truly blessed to be surrounded by wonderful areas and opportunities to introduce Squirrel to our world.



A day trip post for Unit 1. The Seaside & Rockpools.

2 thoughts on “Seafront Walking On A Sunday

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