Magic Water Play with Gellibaff

Magic Water Play with GellibaffI picked up this product way, way back. Once we had decided to start educating Squirrel at home, I started picking up little bargains that rang little tunes of educational play in my head, and this product GelliBaff was one of those. It boasts being 100% safe to skin, non irritant and non staining, and safe to go down the plug hole, and it looked like great fun to me, let alone Squirrel! So at a very cheap price, well below even the RRP, I grabbed it, and knew it would go down well as part of this unit. I was so-ho right.

We used:

1 pack of Gelli Baff (Blue colour changing to purple variety)
Our small water table.
A wooden spoon.
A mop (trust me.)

We started by filling a couple of large bottles with water, and pouring in the first sachet (there are two, and according to directions, one turns the water into goo when you pour them together and stir, and the other turns it back to water and into a different colour!)
IMG_0722Squirrel, though armed with the wooden spoon, gave it straight to Daddy and went in with the hands, naturally!

Oh crikey, this kid just loved the stuff. Plenty of squidging and squelching with his fists, stirring with his spoon and scooping and plopping the goo.
IMG_0731Octopus was always going to get involved. I mean, this is prime octopus play stuff. He had fun!


He was covered and dunked and used for scooping…

IMG_0757 See? One happy cephalopod.

One happy Squirrel, too!


Eventually, we added the other sachet, and let Squirrel stir it in, and before our very eyes, it turned purple, and eventually turned back to (albeit lumpy) water.


I’m not going to lie, folks. Once your toddler realises how much fun it is to clap with handfuls of it and watch it go EVERYWHERE… you kinda wish you had thought about doing it in the garden.


But where there are willing volunteers in the shape of a kid-who-loves-mops and an octopus who is happily dunked in just about anything, there is always a contented means to messy activity clean up time.

This is an activity post for Unit 1. The Seaside & Rockpools.

(This activity is not endorsed by Gellibaff.)

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