Let it snow; let it show.

Shamelessly Loving Christmas

So here’s the thing. I’m a bit obsessed with Christmas.

I love the atmosphere. I love the shop windows. I love wrapping paper designs. I love novelty flashing earrings. I love EVERYTHING covered in glitter. I love the Coca Cola advert. I love hearing the same festive songs on every sound system in every store. I love Christmas shopping. I love Christmas cookie baking. I love craft fairs. I love Santas grottos. I love Nativities. I love decoration aisles. I love houses covered in massive flashing lights. I love mulled wine and hot chocolate. I love those frozen party food pack 3 for 2 deals of miniature spring rolls, cocktail sausages and eclairs. I love snuggling under blankets while fairy lights twinkle, providing the only light in the room, while we watch Elf, or Home Alone, or Jamie/Nigella/Hugh/Rachel Does Christmas on the Food channels.


I know some a lot of parents find it stressful, and the cheer has been sucked out of the season for them. There are a hundred valid reasons to hate it and circumstances which make it hard. My wish isn’t to invalidate those feelings, but to pump up the joy for those who are engaged with it like myself.


But I will openly admit, that I am in love with every moment of it. From the first faint whisper of a jingle bell to the biggest, loudest over commercialised advert for this years big toy from Santa.
However, i know that i am not alone as a long standing, unconditionally loving friend of Christmas.

And that is why, i have decided to embrace my disgustingly joyful approach to the season and blog it. All of it. Everything i have the opportunity to experience, discover, reflect upon, introduce Squirrel to and absorb myself in, will appear on here in the form of a mummy’s eye view account of all there is in relation to family with Christmas, you pick and choose what appeals to you, no need to be a full blown super fan like me.


You will be able to keep up to date with our Christmas posts by following the blog via your reader application, on our Christmas Twitter @TheCheerDeer or following our dedicated Pinterest board (to come and will be linked here!) which will also serve as a post menu to the corresponding pages as well as here.

I hope you enjoy all there is to come over the following months as we count down to Christmas!
The cheer is nearly here!

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