Back Garden Rockpooling and Seaweed Dipping

Our trip to the beach yielded such lovely treasures for us to use over and over for this unit theme ‘The Seaside and Rockpools’ that i knew we could really enjoy recreating some of the experience at home.

We used:
Our beach combed stones, sea glass and shells
Strips of green netting found at our local art scrapstore
Strips of punched sponge found at our local art scrapstore
Our water table
Our net
A tray


While Squirrel was busy with daddy, i filled the water table with a little clean water and scattered the shells and stones around it, some under the water, some exposed, some in reach and some he would have to use the net for.
Then i added the ‘weeds’ and called for him to come play, and gave him the net after a quick demonstration.


He got straight to work grabbing first with his hands and feeling the weeds squish in his hands, flapping them around and playing with the dripping weight of them.

He eventually used the net to start swishing the weeds in and out of it, and yanking excitedly at the net to pull it all out and throw it back in. He was initially more interested in the weeds than the shells, but it wasn’t long before he started collecting everything from his ‘rock pool’ and collected it into his tray.

But they didn’t stay there for long, as Squirrel felt the optimum collection point would be his slide.

Busy, busy, busy in the sunshine!

Once the majority of the rockpool had been retrieved, a whole new game was devised, involving collecting some treasures onto the slide, then pushing them down before joining them at the bottom again! This went on, on and off for a good amount of the afternoon!

A rather marvelous garden rockpooling day indeed!


This activity post is for Unit 1. The Seaside & Rockpools.

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